Monday, January 17, 2011

Our precious little Christopher is having a bit of trouble figuring out a very important lesson in life- lying. No, not lying down, he's got that one down. I mean deceit. He knows a little bit, things that he's picked up from his siblings, but if you're going to be a liar you've got to fully commit and he definitely lacks commitment. This morning, Christopher came into our bedroom claiming that Ella spanked him really hard. This is not hard to believe as she has had a violent streak lately and has really been annoyed with Christopher. So, Rob asks him, " Well why did she spank you?" His reply was blogworthy , as is evidenced by this entry. " Well, I did Not call her a stupid head!" A giggle slipped out of me, but I regained my cool quickly. Then we called Ella in. She claims that she may have accidentally stuck her hand out while passing Christopher in the hall. We made up new rules. No calling people stupid head and no accidentally hitting people in the hall.


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There are a lot of "accidents" like that around our house too. It's weird.