Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Evil Three Year Old

Sunday was Fathers Day so we made the trek out to north Phoenix to honor our Fathers. Mom was just back from China so we all got fantastic gifts, we ate burgers and had a great time. Another perk for making the trip is that Grandma (time-out) and Grandpa (candy) let the girls stay for a sleep over. The next day they went shopping and swimming and partied Grandma Marolyn style, which included a trip to McDonalds with an awesome playland.

When the girls got home late that night and finished showing me the spoils of the day, they both launched into the story of the evil three year old at the McDonalds playland. Apparently the cute little girl punched them both in the face, punched Emma in the stomach and kicked Emma. This is a little funny to me for a few reasons. Number one: Emma was that little girl when she was three. Number two: Emma is nine and Ella is six. They should be able to block the blows of a three year old. Number three: the use of the word evil to them is soo Dr. Doofenshmirts.

Anyway, after recounting the beating they both received, Ella exclaims "that's okay, cause I gave her a payback!"
Worried about what that entailed, I asked, "what did you do?''
" I chased her!"
When recounting the story to Rob, Ella added, "That little girl sure wasn't as sweet as she looked!"
If only all little girls were as sweet as they looked.


Staci Kramer said...

doofenschmirtz indeed. This post should have been titled "Payback's a bitch". This is what I tell Ham when he gets bitten by Clark. Karma is real.

milan said...

This is Grandma Time Out. The girls did come tell me that this little 3 year old punched them. They didn't seem upset about it but they did want me to look through the window at the face of evil!

Marolyn said...

This is Grandma Time Out. The girls didn't seem too upset while we were at McDonald's but the DID want me to look at the little girl so that I could see the face of evil!

Kara said...

You funny Haws girls. ;) I'm glad Emma's payback wasn't too intense. She's too much of a sweetie. :)