Friday, May 28, 2010

Ella graduates from Kindergarten

On graduation morning, I assumed that the girls would be eager to get ready for school (especially Ella), but I assumed wrong. After around the fifth time reminding them to get ready, I busted out my angry voice and threatened to withdraw my offer to go to build-a-bear-workshop for having a great school year. Surprisingly, Ella still didn't want to tear herself away from the television and was complaining, "Well, Mom, my neck hurts when I move it like this!" To which I replied, "Then don't move it that way!" Luckily I can get Ella ready really quickly and even though she lollygagged around I wasn't about to let her miss the last hour and a half of her glorious Kindergarten career. And oh, how glad I am that she made it! Although we don't have a great picture of it, it was quite the ceremony complete with "Pomp and Circumstance", the presentation of some very fancy diplomas and a delightfull rendition of "Off to First Grade," by the graduating Kindergartners. Well, that night, at around three o'clock a.m., Ella started throwing up quite violently. She yelled for me and I sprang out of bed and ran as quick as I could to her room. Rob was already there, because he's just that good, and when the throwing up ended Ella said, "Well, at least my neck feels like it's cleaned out!" That's my girl! She sure knows how to find the silver lining.

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Kara said...

what a sweetie pie! So she really was sick. awwww. At least it waited 12 hrs or so. :) I'm glad to see you are blogging again and I love your family picture!! Very cute!